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[GSMNL] Information Universe basics


This is part five of the Information Universe series. See the link for part one.


There are a number of basic concepts that come from the Information Universe when it is applied to know principles of physics. These basic concepts not only provide a starting point to a formal Information Universe but they actually salve some problems that have plagued physics for many years.  Among other things these basic concepts provide a manner of unifying quantum mechanics and General Relativity.



The first is that rather than being a continual coordinate system that it is actually quantized forming pixels. This pixilation has the side affect of unifying Quantum mechanics and General Relativity. While it does not produce a graviton it does divide space into discrete units and since General Relativity depicts gravity as a warping of space-time around a mass this would provide a way of bringing gravity into the quantum world. 


The second the two most basic concepts that come from the Information Universe is that time is also quantized forming what could be considered a pixel of time.


These two basic concepts come from the fact that if the universe is indeed a calculating information system then such pixilation would be expected since there would have to be a level below that of both space and time at which the calculations take place.


The fourth basic concept is that since speed of light is one Planck length per Planck time it is the fastest speed that an object can travel that covers every point in space.


The fourth basic concept is that fundamental particles such as electrons and photons occupy one Planck length pixel for any given Planck time.


These basic concepts are the starting point of an Information Universe model. From here a full Information Universe model can be produced as mention in the article on developing an Information Universe Model. They are also critical to understanding how our universe can be based on information rather than material stuff.





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