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[GSMNL] Information Universe and the Higgs field III


For those of you who are not familiar with Information Universe model (info-verse for short) see the above link for a short description. In needs to be noted that this model is not only consistent with Biblical creation but actually requires that the universe be intelligently designed. This aspect of the model is a natural result of the quantum mechanical conclusion that our universe is fundamentally and information system.    


After finding a source that provided a proper explanation of the Higgs field, unlike the flawed ones found at most sites I find that the formula of previous post can not be considered valid since it was based on a flawed idea of the way the Higgs field works. Sorry about that but that is the way science works.


That said Higgs field produces a scalar potential around a particle. Zero rest mass particles like photons end up at the bottom because they do not interact with the Higgs field. On the other hand a particle with rest mass interact with the Higgs field placing it higher in the potential and it is the energy of this  potential that gives a particle rest mass. In the info-verse model of this process zero rest mass particles are do not move relative to the Higgs field produced potential around it. A particle with rest mass bounce back and forth with in the Higgs field produced potential around it at the speed of light, It is this motion that keeps the a particle with rest mass from having an observed velocity of the speed of light. The bouncing velocity would be observed to slow as it approaches the speed of light relative to an observer in accordance with the following formula.


vH: Observed bouncing velocity of the particle within the Higgs field

v: Particle’s velocity.

c: Speed of light

t: time in planck time.

l: length in planck length.


vH = (1-(v/c)2)0.5


If you are thing king that this resembles the special relativity formula for time dilation and length contraction you are correct because while it was not based on these formulae it is based on the same geometry.  While I have not worked out the details yet this bouncing velocity of a particle within the Higgs field may provide a quantum mechanical explanation of what particles interact with the Higgs field differently. Stay tooned  for more.



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