Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[GSMNL] Information Universe and the Higgs field II




I recently posted some material on Information Universe (info-verse) and the Higgs field. See the above link. In last couple of days I have done some more work in this area and I found a new way of modeling the Higgs field interaction within the info-verse model.


In this new info-verse model of the Higgs field interaction on near plank scales of space and time particles end up having two types of motion, rest and moving at the speed of light. When the Higgs field interaction is active it holds the particle at rest, when inactive the particle moves at the speed of light. A particle’s Higgs field interaction has a velocity dependent wave function (not to be confused for its quantum wave function) that causes the Higgs interaction strength to vary with time. As a result in any given plank time where the Higgs interaction strength reaches zero the particle goes to the next plank length, other wise it stays where it is.  


In this model of the Higgs field interaction, photons and other massless particles have a Higgs field interaction wave time of two plank times. For particles with rest mass the Higgs field interaction wave time gets longer being infinite when the particle is at rest. The particular model only works in quantized space of the info-verse model and it has resulted in the models first unique formula derived from the model.


H0: Particle’s max Higgs interaction strength.

H: Particle’s Higgs interaction strength.

v: Particle’s velocity.

c: Speed of light

t: time in plank time.

p: pi = 3.14159…


H = H0 cos[p t(v/c)]


This only describes how the Higgs field interaction handles motion and not mass however it a new milestone in my development of this theory of everything.




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