Saturday, October 13, 2012

[GSMNL] The Double Slit Experiment and the Information Universe


This is part two of the Information Universe series. See the link for part one.


The double slit experiment has to do with the wave/particle duality of subatomic particles and despite being a simple concept, this one experiment has produced some of the strangest results in science. These same strange results occur with electrons as it does photons of light. The original double slit experiment lead to the development quantum mechanics while more recent versions provide solid evidence that the universe in deed a virtual reality information system. While other aspects of quantum mechanics suggest the information universe idea, quantum eraser in recent versions of the double silt experiment clinch it.


It turns out that the determining factor of the results of the double slit experiment is whether or not information on which slit a particle went through is going to be available to a conscious observer. This can only be the case if what we call reality is fundamentally an information system that calculates specific results as need to produce a consistent reality for the conscious entities (us) living within it to experience which is the basic idea of the Information Universe and thus the double slit experiment provides the most compelling evidence for the Information Universe. Experiments like these show that the Universe we live in is a form of virtual reality produced by an information system that exists to provide us; that is the conscious entities living within the universe; with a consistent but calculated reality to experience.




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