Monday, October 22, 2012

[GSMNL] Developing an actual Information Universe Model


This is part five of the Information Universe series. See the link for part one.


Once the conclusion is drawn that information is the real fundamental substance of the Universe the next step is developing that idea into an actual model of the Universe. This like trying figure out the code behind a computer program without even knowing the programming language it is written in. Fortunately in developing a model for an information based universe we do not need to figure out the exact language and code in which the information of the universe is encoded and processed. Developing an actual information Universe model is basically a search for the logic of the processing of the information of the universe.


The goal of developing a specific info-verse model is not producing an abstract mathematical model but reproducing the actual logic of the universe’s information processing system. While this is a vary lofty goal and probably beyond the ability of one person, having discovered that the universe is information processing system, discovering the logic that makes it work naturally becomes the ultimate goal and ultimately the best way to test the information universe concept. Developing a specific information Universe model likely to be a long process but it is an important step to take the Information Universe concept from being simply a conclusion of the strangest experiments in physics to being a full fledge theory of reality.





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