Wednesday, February 20, 2013

[GSMNL] Chimpanzee and Human DNA not as Similar as Once Thought - correction

The claim that chimpanzee and human genomes are 98% the same has been repeated so off then that most people take it as fact. However not only can this claim be shown to be erroneous by virtue of the fact that chimps have a larger genome with an additional chromosome than humans, It turns out this 98% us based on a part of the two genomes that are the most similar and more recent studies show the differences are much greater.

The result is an overall 70% similarity between the two genomes this means that there is a whopping 30% differences. This is 15 times the 2% difference of the claim 98% similar claim. As result the chimpanzee and human genomes are far more different than commonly claimed. This difference also goes against the idea the Humans have a common ancestor with chimps since the mutation rate would have to be way too high for genetic viability. This is yet another genetic nail in the coffin in General Evolution theory and idea that humans came into existence by any form of evolution.

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