Friday, February 1, 2013

[GSMNL] Huge-LQG Too Large for Cosmological Principle


Huge-LQG is the largest structure ever observed in the universe. It is a group of quasars in  the constellation Leo a whopping 4 billion light years long. This is not only the largest structure ever observed in the universe but it defies the Cosmological Principle. The Cosmological Principle is the assumption is cosmology that on the large scale the Universe is largely the same every place such that we are not in a special place in the universe. The Cosmological Principle has never been proven but had been generally assumed to be true by evolutionary cosmologists because it is so improbable that we would be in a special place in the Universe that is it implies intelligent design in Universe, which goes against absolute naturalism.


Huge-LQG is 1,600 times larger than the 2 million light years between un and the Andromeda Galaxy, the nearest large galaxy to the Milky way.  The reason that  Huge-LQG is a problem for the cosmological principles that it requires the universe to be homogeneous on the large scale such that the universe will look eventually the same from any location. Earlier calculations had indicated that the maximum size possible for a structure in the universe to be can be about 370Mpc. At 423Mpc long, the Sloan Great Wall, discovered in 2003 is just barely consistent with the Cosmological Principle. How ever Huge-LQG is estimated at 1240 mega-parsecs (4 billion light-years) by 640 Mpc and a mass of 6.1 X1018 solar masses making it three times too long longer and two times too wide for Cosmological Principle. When you include the fact that Huge-LQG is unique in the universe is sufficient to effectively disprove the Cosmological Principle.


Because the Cosmological Principle is a central assumption of the Big Bang Cosmology this discovery is also a problem for the Big Bang. It is amazing just to see the Cosmological Principle actually being question.  It needs be noted that Creationists have been challenging the Cosmological Principle for years because when one starts with "In the beginning God," the idea that we are in a special place in the Universe is not longer likely but expected. So Creation Cosmologies predict the existence of something like Huge-LQG.




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