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[GSMNL] Information Universe and Parallel Universes.


This is part seventeen of the Information Universe series. See the link for part one.


The Information Universe actually makes parallel universes quite easy, since any other information based Universes could simply be other programs that run in parallel to our own. Such parallel universes would have there own time such that you could spend a day in another universe and then come home find 1000 years or more had passed. In addition you could spend years in another universe and then come home to find that no time at had passed here. This may be one area where C.S Lewis may have gotten it right in Chronicles of Narnia.


 Now these parallel universes would most likely not be near duplicates of this one except for a few differences, but they would likely be totally different. If you went to one, you not find a copy of yourself that has a different life but it would be radically different assuming that you could survive there.


It would also be potentially possible that information could be transferred between such universes allowing for travel between them or even the ghostly image of some one in one universe to be seen in another. Places like heaven and hell could even be such parallel universes.


Now it needs to be clear that the Information Universe does not require these parallel universes to exist but it does require that some form of ultimate reality to exist outside our universe where the programming creator of our universe (God) can would exist, this would be what the Bible calls Eternity.


So other information based universes could easily exist but running parallel to ours. They could even effectively occupy the same space as ours since space is ultimately a mathematical entity. Time in each universe could be totally different or they could run in exact parallel to each other. While the Information Universe does not require other information based universes to exist it does require one ultimate reality to exist.






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