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[GSMNL] The Information Universe


This is part eighteen of the Information Universe series. See the link for part one.


While this article is called conclusions it is not the end of the Information Universe series just the conclusions of the planed part of the series. Has further developments come about the will be added.


The Information Universe is what is called a theory of every thing that is that its ultimate goal is explaining all of reality. It unifies General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics by quantizing space and time thus eliminate point singularities from existing at the center of black holes since the star can not shrink to less than plank length.


The main idea of the Information Universe is that the universe is fundamentally information. With matter itself being fundamentally information rather than bits of material stuff. This idea that the universe is fundamentally information has its roots in Quantum Mechanics with a number of physicists providing support the basic concept. The Information Universe is a specific model be developed from this basic concept and the General Grand Unification Model developed by Robert A. Herrmann Ph.D. retired Professor, Mathematics, of the U. S. Naval Academy.


The Information Universe views reality as being much like a video game where detailed information is calculated when needed by an observer living in this virtual reality. This why quantum particles some times behave like wave and other times behave like particles. It is the double slit experiment that show that what make the difference it availability of information to a conscious observer. At the hart of this view is the requirement that this information be calculated to produce change overt time in a massive information processing system that is much like computer program. The natural conclusion of this is that the universe was designed and programmed by a higher intelligence than can only be the being we know as God. The reason why the programmer can not be one or more human like beings is that the requirements of programming the detail of the observable universes requires more processing power than any possible material computer.


Developing a specific Information Universe model is a challenge but a needed goal to turn what is at its hart an interpretation quantum mechanics and theory of everything. One fundamental difficulty in any theory of everything is the scientific need for testability. By definition a theory of everything tries to explain every thing in the universe and so has to be a broad concept. The end result is often a theory that can explain so much as to be unfalsifiable. The best solution is to build a specific model that is falsifiable. If that model fails the fundamental theory of everything still may have other models. The goal of the Information Universe is to produce a falsifiable model that makes the needed unique predictions.


Ultimately the realization that the Universe is fundamentally information is proof that our Universe is Intelligently Designed. Furthermore that intelligent designer and programmer would have to be the being we call God. In fact the Information Universe is a perfect fit to the Biblical account of creation, because it literal results in the Universe being created out of nothing by the words (information) of God.



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