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[GSMNL] Information Universe and Particle Physics


This is part nine of the Information Universe series. See the link for part one.


Particle Physics is one of many areas where the Information Universe shows it self to be an excellent theory. Since the information system of the universe is just below the fundamental particle level and it readily explains how they behave including their strange quantum properties.  The Information easily explains virtual particles. In particularly it explains how they are able to pop in and out of existence all the time. In fact in an information based universe they only need to exist as mathematical entities long enough to either transmit forces between particles or to support the existence of a field.


The Information Universe is particularly good at explaining how particles can interact as they do. If they were just balls of matter they would not interact frequently enough to do much of any thing. However in the Information Universe the positions interacting particles are calculated from their quantum waves so that they do interact when needed.


The Information Universe also readily explains the particle wave duality because the exact information on the location of a particle is not needed until it is actually observed in some manner. In an information based universe is would not be necessary to calculate the exact location of every particle unless it actually being observed by those living in that reality and in fact it would be a waste of calculating resources to do so. Until an exact state of a particle is actually needed it is only necessary to keep track of the probable states of a particle.


So the Information Universe not only works well with particle physics but it is in fact the best way to explain it. Further more is was particle physics in the form of the famous double slit experiment that has lead to the Information Universe idea. Furthermore it is the act of trying to determine which slit in the double slit experiment a particle goes through that shows that we have to live in an information based universe. In particular it is the quantum erasure aspect of the double slit experiment that eliminates all other possible explanations and so proving that we do in fact live in an information based universe.





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