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[GSMNL] Articles on Particle physics


Particle Physics deals with the interactions and properties of subatomic particles. Particle physics' generally accepted model has somewhat unimaginative name of the Standard Model. Despite the successful of the Standard Model it does not quite describe everything. Developed during the mid 20th century by scientists from all over the world, the Standard Model describes 17 particles and 13 anti-particles for a total of 30 fundamental particles. Together these particle make up all of the observable matter of the universe however only 3 of them make up most of the matter of the universe.  This is relevant to origins since the decay atomic nuclei is the bases for radiometric dating. Its relationship to origins come mainly from the fact the high-energy particle physics shows the conditions the should have existed in the early universe according to the Big Bang Cosmology. In doing so it show that the Big Bang would have produced equal amounts of mater and anti-mater which posed a real problem for the Big Bang.

I have recently updated my web sites with material on Particle Physics including descriptions and illustrations of how the produced equal amounts of mater and anti-mater is a major problem for the Big Bang.

A Look at Particle physics

Introduction to Particle physics






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