Thursday, November 1, 2012

[GSMNL] Curiosity Shows Martian Soil to Be Volcanic in Origin


While not unexpected or new the Mars Rover Curiosity has shown that Martian soil to be volcanic in origin. As a result it continues to show support for the Catastrophic Model of Martian Geology.


According to this Martian Geology is largely the result catastrophic processes including catastrophic volcanic activity as a result Martian soil would be largely volcanic in and it is. The analysis by Curiosity is also consistent with Gale Crater once having a wet environment and then becoming the dry environment it has today. This is also expected with Catastrophic Model of Martian Geology since the volcanic activity and asteroid impacts described in the mode would have filled the Martian atmosphere with dust increasing the temperature and pressure above the point here water could exist on the surface. One main difference in between this model the uniformitarian model promoted by JPL is that the events in the catastrophic model could have occurred much more recently in fact possibly with in the last few thousand years. According to my original paper on the topic these events would have occurred at about the tine of the Genesis Flood on Earth.



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