Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ancient Mars Lake Could Have Supported Life, or Could It?


The Curiosity rover team announced discovering evidence of past fresh waster in  Gale Crater. Specifically announced that the Rock called "John Kein" formed in fresh water. While the clays found in the area do indicate that the water was initially fresh, the amounts of sulfur dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide which suggest past sulfuric acid. The data indicates it was about 3% sulfuric acid which means a PH of about 0.5. What seems to have happened if that the water was was originally fresh having erupted from underground  but it late became acidic as a result of fall out from the volcanic activity. The makes is a perfect fit to the Catastrophic Model of Martian geology. It seems that the folks at  JPL are so eager to find life on Mars that any hint a possible habitable puddle of water gets them excited.
------ Charles Creager Jr.

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