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[GSMNL] Human Chromosome 2 Fusion Theory Shown Wrong


One of the latest big arguments for the claim man evolved from a common ancestor with apes is that the human chromosome 2 is a result of an end to end fusion from two chimp chromosomes 2a and 2b. For the record they were given these labels after the theory wad proposed as a way of giving support for the fusion theory. This theory was proposed as a way to explain the fact that apes have 48 humans 23 pairs of chromosomes while apes all have 24 pairs. While this theory rests on rather weak evidence to begin with in that if the DNA sequences were originally centromere, and telomere sites they would have to be more highly degraded that predictive for possible tine span.


One major problem with this claim is the fact that such a mutation would only occur in one individual at time and if it occurred it would probably render the person infertile with rest of his species and if he were lucky to find a mate with the same fused chromosome (highly improbable) then their offspring would have trouble finding compatible mates, making its survival let alone dominance highly improbable.


To make matters worst for the theory is that there are no identified cases telomere-to-telomere fusion in mammals since every chromosome fusions documented in living mammals involves satellite DNA and telomeres have end caps called the shelterin protein complex that prevent  telomere-to-telomere fusion.


It gets even worse for the chromosome fusion do the lack of  DNA sequence similarity between humans and chimps in the area around the alleged   human chromosome 2 fusion site, including an unexplained lack of chimp DNA in the area. The alleged fusion site is surrounded by many functional genes and aleged pseudogenes not found in the ends of the ends of chimpanzee chromosomes 2A or 2B.


The final neal in the chromosome 2 fusion coffin is the fact that the alleged fusion site is actually location inside the DDX11L2 gene.  This gene has three primary exons transcribed in the direction of telomere to centromere. It serves several regulatory functions making it a highly expressed and highly complicated gene and one not found in apes.


If the human chromosome 2  were indeed a result of an end to end fusion from two chimp chromosomes 2a and 2b were would expect to find the fusion site in fairly good shape and surrounded by DNA sequences highly similar between humans and chimps but we do not. We also find a unique highly functional gene going right across the alleged fusion site. Thus this so called evidence for a human-chimpanzee common ancestor and human evolution can be considered falsified, that is has been shown to be wrong.







------ Charles Creager Jr.

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