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[GSMNL] Information Universe and Hinduism/New Age.


This is part fifteen of the Information Universe series. See the link for part one.  


The reason for putting these two together in one article is because New Age is at its core a westernized version of Hinduism. The biggest problem with doing an analyses is that they lack any real central belief system. Both Hinduism and New Age have such diversity that trying to describe a specific belief system for them is like trying to nail a cloud to ground.


Despite all this there are specific concepts that are generally even if not universally held by Hindues and New Agers. They tend to be a belief in some form of soul and consciousness is seen a playing an important role in universe. There is also the concept that what we call reality is an illusion and or a dream.


The only real conclusion is that the Information Universe basically compatible with Hinduism and New Age. In fact some forms of them are highly compatible with the Information Universe. In fact the Information Universe does show how things like psychic powers could be possible. One aspect of the Information Universe that is some what problematic is the need for a programmer to get the entire thing going.


It needs to be noted that while Hinduism and New Age are generally compatible with the Information Universe that it is not the only compatible option. This is because the Information Universe is generally peaking compatible the idea of a creator God as well as the supernatural in general. One reason this is that an information based universe is itself immaterial and as a result including any number of supernatural phenomenon is not difficult to do. In the case of Hinduism and New Age it provides a way by which thing like psychic powers could be possible by way of tapping the universe’s information system. It also provides possible way that other claims of Hindues and New Agers could be real.  Now this does not mean that accepting an information based universe means accepting Hinduism or New Age but only that the two concepts are basically compatible. This is one of the down sides to the Information Universe nut as will be shown in then next article it is not alone in being compatible with an information based universe. Specifically the next article will show the compatibility of the Information Universe with the Bible and biblical creation.



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