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[GSMNL] Information Universe and Atheism.


This is part fourteen of the Information Universe series. See the link for part one.


In the article origins it was show that an information based universe has to be intelligently designed. Now because by definition atheists do not believe in God, the idea that universe is intelligently designed is naturally repugnant to them. This is a major reason why the acceptance of the information based universe idea has been slow in main stream physics since the scientific establishment is dominated by atheists.


However the concept that the universe is fundamentally an information system much like a computer simulation explains so much that even some atheists have been forced to accept this form of intelligent design. How ever rather than following Occam's razor simply conclude that God was the programmer such atheists have postulated that the universe was programmed by programmers from some super-civilization of  far-evolved running a computer simulation of the universe of their distant ancestors.


One thing this says about atheists is that their rejection of God is not from a supposed lack of evidence but from a philosophical assumption. The reason for this is that here is a cased were the simplest solution is the programmer is the eternally existing being we call God. However because of philosophical assumptions they ignore the simple solution and postulate an entire civilization of beings in which the programmers live and work.


One thing they ignore the fact that the shear scope and detail of the simulation that is our universe eliminates the possibility of one or more human like beings using any type of physical computer. Now they are clearly aware of the problem but simply assume that a supper-advanced civilization will be capable of solving the problem


The resolution of the universe is one Planck length (1.616199 × 10-35 m) and with the need to produce a reality for some 7 billion human beings and billions more conscious animals, the computation power needed would go beyond any conceivable physical computer. To put it in to prospective the minimum information required to for just 1 cubic meter of space is 4.221672 × 10105 bytes. For comparison the hard drive on the computer used to write this is about 300 × 109 bytes. As a result it would take more than 1099 such computers to store the information needed for just 1 cubic meter of space. It would also require a minimum calculation rate of 2.612 × 10140 bytes per second just to calculate what is going on instead that 1 cubic meter of space.


The result is that the atheistic idea of a super-civilization of far-evolved running a computer simulation of a universe is beyond the point of reason. However concluding that the programmer is an eternally existing God is a much simpler conclusion.





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