Tuesday, December 11, 2012

[GSMNL] Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity has crossbedding on Mars.




The Mars Rover Curiosity has found crossbedding at area inside Gale Crater called "Glenelg." Not only does this show that water once flowed here but the direction of that flow as well. This is actually predicted by the catastrophic model of past water at this site, Since the catastrophic model has the water flowing over Mount Sharp in a northern direction the model would has the water flowing at a consider rate which is consistent with this cross bedding, However it gets even better because this crossbedding also shows the direction of the water flow.


It show the the water that laid down this crossbedding flowed from Mount Sharp which is predicted by the catastrophic model of past water at this site. This is further support for the over all catastrophic model of Martian geology. The catastrophic model of Martian geology has described this site even better than expected by providing evidence for eruptions of underground water and answering the one main question about the source of water for the flooding at  Meridiani Planum. This is that is shows that the region was most likely flooded from an ungrounded water source.







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