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[GSMNL] Information Universe and Origins.


This is part thirteen of the Information Universe series. See the link for part one.


The question here is not about a specific history of the Universe but of the nature and source of the origin of the Universe. Starting with the idea that the Universe is fundamentally an information system leads to the inescapable conclusion that the Universe is intelligently designed. This is because the programming for such a system would be sufficiently complex that is would have to originate from an intelligent programmer. It also shows the Universe was created out of nothing but the mind of the creator. This is evident from the fact that information is fundamentally immaterial in nature. Furthermore in programming even the simplest of virtual worlds the information is both information and the virtual world is made of nothing but immaterial information which is created from nothing but the mind of its creator.


This makes the Information Universe a perfect fit to with the idea of the Universe being created by God. It explains how Universe could be created from nothing. Now it does not say any thing about the nature of God himself or what kind of environment if any that He lives in. However the shear scope and detail of the simulation that is our universe eliminates the possibility of one or more human like beings sitting at any type of physical computer. With a resolution of a Planck length (1.616199 × 10-35 m) and the need to produce a reality for some 7 billion human beings and billions more conscious animals, the computation power needed would beyond any conceivable physical computer. To put it in to prospective the minimum information required to for just 1 cubic meter of space is 4.221672 × 10105 bytes. For comparison the hard drive on the computer used to write this is about 300 × 109 bytes. As a result it would take more than 1099 such computers to store the information needed for just 1 cubic meter of space. It would also require a minimum calculation rate of 2.612 × 10140 bytes per second just to calculate what is going on instead that 1 cubic meter of space.


The immense amount of information and computation power required for information based universe means that the programmer would by definition be the being we think of as God even if ever notion we have of Him is totally wrong. Now this does not show that the Earth and Universe were created in six days, just six thousand years ago, but it is consistent with such a creation. The point is that an information based universe has to be intelligently designed and the designer would be by definition be God.



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