Monday, August 5, 2013

[GSMNL] Ball State University formally bans Intelligent Design


If you need more proof the main goal of Evolution theory is to explain our existence with out God, well here is some.  Ball State University formally banned the discussion of Intelligent Design from its science class rooms. While the usefulness of Restricted Intelligent Design to supporting Biblical Creation is limited with General Intelligent Design a better approach, the point of this ban is clearly a prohibition against any discussion of the possibility that there is intelligence behind the Universe.


This stands as solid evidence that the purpose of not only Darwinian Evolution but the entire Big Bang to Man Evolutionary theory of origins is explain our existence without any. This type of prohibition shows that God is thrown out of consideration as a starting assumption. If I set out to build a model of how the pyramids on Egypt could have come about with out the Egyptians and in fact by totally natural causes, I would produce a story that would sound like they never existed. This is the case with the Evolutionary theory of origins, it starts out with the atheistic assumption that God does not exist and thus they have produced an atheistic mythology of origins that seem to show that God is not needed.


The point is that Darwinian Evolution and the entire Big Bang to Man Evolutionary theory of origins are not but atheistic mythology being preached in guise of science, and the actions such as banning and discussion of Intelligent Design shows that this is indeed the case. If the goal were truly a pursuit of the truth then discussions not only Intelligent Design but Biblical Creation as well should be welcomed but instead they are banned.



------ Charles Creager Jr.

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