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[GSMNL] Information Universe and Parallel Universes




For any one new to this idea the Information Universe is a theory of everything in which the universe is fundamentally information designed to produce a reality for conscience being such as ourselves to experience. As a result our universe is a form virtual reality that that is programmed and calculated to perform as it dose. While I am not the only one to propose such a thing, to best of my knowledge I have taken it further than any one else. I am mostly likely the first examine the idea from a creationist perspective. My approach to the concept that I call the Information Universe or Info-verse for short is base on Robert Herrmann’s General Intelligent Design and it is a specific interpretation of GID.

Science Declares Our Universe IS Intelligently Designed


I first started thinking developing the Info-verse after realizing that the best way to explain certain aspects of reality is if it is a calculate information system. I have since found as a result of studying the double-slit experiment in Quantum Mechanics that it is really the only way of explaining all of the observations. Info-verse has also produced a novel version of quantum gravity in that it does not involve a graviton, but instead space and time are actually quantized with the fundamental units of plank length and plunk time.


Now with regards to parallel universes, since the Info-verse depicts our universe as information system, parallel universes could exist that are other information system universes running along side ours that could include such places mentioned the Bible such the heaven and hell. The Info-verse allows of parallel universes in the same way that I can run more than one program on my computer, or on multiple computers for that matter. It also allows for one’s conscious mind to go between parallel universes by way of transferring information input from one to the other. Even physical bodies to go between parallel universes by way of information transfer. This is also a perfect fit to life after death since our minds are more than the processes with in our brains.


------ Charles Creager Jr.

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