Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Nonlocality

Quantum Nonlocality: The phenomenon by which measurements made at a subatomic level necessarily refutes the notions of local realism.

The basic principle is that particles of matter are not restricted to local interactions. They can have interactions outside their local system with no limit on distance.

A cording to Bell's Theorem developed by John Stewart Bell shows that no physical theory of local hidden variables can ever reproduce all of the predictions of Quantum Mechanics. This does leave open the possibility of non-local hidden variables.

The implications are that subatomic particles clearly exhibit non-local behavior showing that our notions of location do not apply at the fundamental levels of reality. Quantum Nonlocality creates a link betw

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  1. Nonlocality has gotten a lot of attention recently. Obviously our assumptions about locality and causality are somehow incorrect. Suppose something links entangled photons that is only potential in nature? Can potential mass link entangled photons like potential energy links atoms? That is the idea explored in:
    It makes more sense than other 'explanations' I have read...